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Understanding Foundation Fund – Website

Client: NF Porozumění
Type: Ideological and conceptual design, graphic design, creation of XHTML templates, publishing system CMS
Realized: May 2012


We’re aware of social responsibility for the world in which we live. With this in mind, we continued in our established tradition and have contributed to another good thing by creating a brand new website for the Understanding Foundation Fund.

We performed a complete redesign of their existing site and built a truly modern and sophisticated graphic execution. It performs an important informative function for the Foundation Fund. Visitors to the site have readily available information on current projects, as well as access to those which have been successfully completed. It’s easy to find and gives you instructions on how to promote your chosen project.

Insidea helps. What about you?

Services Rendered:
Webdesign and web creation
Creativity and graphic design

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