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Beverage service - E-shop

Client: Nápojový servis Volek
Type: Ideological and conceptual design, graphic design, creation of XHTML templates, publishing system CMS
Realized: April 2012


The client approached us with a clear assignment. Our task was to redesign and optimize the e-shop of Volek Beverage Service - the first delivery service in Prague. We changed the structure and orientation of the products for a ​​more transparent menu so it’s easier for visitors to make purchases and maximizie e-shop conversions. We incorporated intelligent filters for different groups of goods. We delivered a completely new e-shop, a fresh design and a logical ordering system. Customers are now able to quickly and comfortably reach their goals. Filters were set according to concrete categories so search results are maximized.

Services Rendered:
Webdesign and web creation
Creativity and graphic design

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