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Tonda Wrapper - Children's Website about recycling

Client: EKO-KOM
Type: Ideological and conceptual design, graphic design, creation flash, publishing system inCMS.
Realized: December 2012


The interactive website contains 2 sections which are divided according to age and reading performance.

The first part (Younger Tonda) is intended for children under 8 year of age (preschoolers and first / second class) and offers a wide variety of games and opportunities for children to be directly involved in the teaching program.  The web pages feature animated characters which speak directly to the children so reading text is not a prerequisite for interaction.

The second part (Older Tonda) is for children aged 8 years and older.  The teaching content here uses more advanced exercises and games.   Emphasis is placed on interactivity and gives children specific examples they could encounter in everyday life.

The website is built on Adobe Flash technology and development took several months.

Services Rendered:
Webdesign and web creation
Creativity and graphic design
Production and realization

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