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Production and realization

Production a realization is a very wide area, our agency services cover this area in provision of promotion materials, e.g. creativity and graphic design, choice of appropriate technology or material and the realization or installation itself.

We keep in touch with current trends of the advertising market, we take into account your price and time demands and the result is that we always find as an optimal solution to your company.


Offset printing
We provide our clients with complex printing services, we are specialists on offset printing, including finalizing works. We have had a long-time experience and know-how, this enables us to guarantee high-quality printing, and graphic workmanship in very interesting price conditions.
Routinely, we produce and realize leaflets, posters, flap files, newsletters, brochures, catalogues, boxes and other cases.

According to parameters which you demand (such as technology, quality, deadline, amount) we select the most suitable supplier; this way we obtain favourable price and production conditions.

Low-volume Digital printing
High-speed, duplex, digital printing, including finalizing works.

Why should you use low-volume digital printing?

  • 24 hours term of delivery
  • Possibility to print from one item in final quality including bookbinding
  • Advantageous price for volume of several hundred copies
  • Absence of pre-press preparation which is necessary in case of offset printing
  • Possibility of personalized printing

Personalized Printing
One of the main reasons speaking for digital printing is the possibility of production of personalized printed materials, e.g.: numbered gift cheques, vouchers, shares, tickets, letters with name salutation, manuals and the like. Nowadays, when the efficiency and its monitoring rank among the most important factors in marketing strategy, this form proves to be the most suitable solution.

Large Format Digital Printing
We produce large format digital printing compatible with up-to-date trends in the area of quality interior and exterior advertisement. Thanks to our long time experience, we are able to advise you with the choice of suitable technology or material. Apart from classic products of large-format printing, e.g.: megaboards, bigboards, billboards, backlights, broadsides, including their installation, citylight cases we offer also advertisement racks, floor graphics, car covers, car, tram and bus stickers, printing on carpets, posters, leaflets, P.O.S materials, flags, textile printing.