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Image and product photography

We take image, product and reportage photographs. We create scenario proposal for advertising campaigns.

Photo Production of Promotion and Product Photographs

On the basis of creative concept we create promotion and product photographs. Thanks to coordination of our photo production and the following post production we are able to reach best results. We are technically very well equipped to be able to create wide range of professional promotional photographs always taking into account topical trends and new findings in the branch of promotional photography.

  • Photo production of a given topic
  • Services of professional production team
  • Licence service – treating copyright of used photographs
  • Stipulation of personal law and copyright

Stylized Portraits

We produce professional and creative portraits for commercial use, company portraits of management and the like. In case you demand well known names on both sides of the camera lens, thanks to our long-time experience and contacts in our branch, we are able to ensure them under very favourable conditions.

  • Stipulation of personal low and copyright
  • Licence service – treating copyright of used photographs
  • Professional /creative portraits
  • Professional and creative portraits in a studio or other interior/exterior
  • Providing with the make-up artist and stylist services


Photo Production of Client Photobank

Every cooperation should be highly effective. Our experience suggests that one of the tools which support effective creation is a photobank. We are able to provide our client with a top quality photobank, which we can produce in top quality of the originals on a given topic and in desired capacity.

  • Photo production of custom ordered photobank
  • Emphasis on keeping visual communication style of a client
  • Services of professional photographers and production team
  • Tagging of photographs


Photo Edition and Photobank

We offer photo editing and wide choice of high-quality royalty free photographs with licence. Affordable legal photographs for your commercial or private purposes. Photographs for great price. You can choose from images, pictures, photographs, illustrations, object-oriented graphics from all over the world for your promotion and your sales, advertisements, promotion, websites and prints. It offers millions of photograph for the best price. We are able to select photographs and present them to you in a very short time.

  • Photo production and photo edition from photobank
  • Emphasis on keeping visual communication style of a client

Apart from taking the actual pictures, we are able to provide the client with complete production service and offer of location for such works.

Preview from this sphere

Your partner in the kitchen

The Farm Frites ranks among 3 biggest distributor of potato products in the world. Within their Farm Frites Club, we prepared a luxurios cookbook as a reward for the club members.

Winter 2010/2011 Husky Catalogue

We created Winter 2010/2011 product catalogue for the HUSKY CZ company. We provided the company with wide range of works e.g.: elaboration of creative cover layout, inner product pages layout, and the overall cataloque realization including setting, image production and printed production.

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