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Logo Design, Branding and Visual Style

Company logo and its identity are basic symbols of company identification. The quality of workmanship of both the logo and identity testifies professionalism of the company and shows its modern or conservative approach. The style of the logo and identity may even suggest the field in which the company conducts business.

First of all the logo should describe the essence, the field of operation and the philosophy of the company. Our experienced graphic designers are able to compact these three crucial points. If you are thinking of designing a new logo or remaking the old one, we are the right company to contact.

Building upon the basic demand, we prepare several starting proposals. You choose the one which is later developed. You will get the final logo from us in an electronic form together with simple user manual.

Design of Logotypes, Company Brands and Company Style Constants

  • Design and developing of logotypes
  • Design of elements of company visual style: business cards, headed paper, fax messages, stamps, car body stickers…
  • Labels, tags, Thank you cards
  • Information and orientation systems

Creation of Logotypes a Design of Manuals

  • Definition of solution concept
  • Colour variety, specification of company fonts
  • Dimensions and type schemes
  • Word and PowerPoint Templates

Development and Production of company and advertising Materials

  • Graphic layout and development of business materials: business cards, headed paper,
  • Promotion leaflets, brochures, catalogues etc
  • Graphic layout, development, typesetting and pre-print preparation for catalogues, publications, book jackets etc.
  • Proposal and realization of advertising and promotion campaigns

Do you know what Wikipedia says about corporate identity?

Corporate identity is style of a company, which is visibly manifested in company’s graphic design, e.g.: printed materials, advertisements or internet. It is created by a graphic designer and its use is defined in a graphic manual.

Do you know what Wikipedia says about graphic design?

Graphic design can be divided into commercial and non-commercial. Commercial group includes periodicals, mercantile, advertising materials, books, 3D; non-commercial – graphic prints, collages, free computer creation. People working in graphic industry are called designers, graphic designers, art graphics or art designers, DTO operators, infographics, 3D graphics, typesetters, compositors…

Do you know what Wikipedia says about logo?

A logo (from Greek word logos= word, language, law, concept...) is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition and support image-building.

Preview from this sphere

New visual identity for Praha City Center

We took part in a tender for the creation of a new visual identity and forms of communication for the Praha City Center development project, which is one of the best business and office centers in Prague.

Invest in Dubai

We were addressed to create a logo and visual style by the newly established real estate agency dealing with sales in the Dubai area.

Other References